Gimlet or Daiquiri

Gimlet or Daiquiri

The Savoy Cocktail Book of the 1930s lists the gimlet recipe as one half gin to one half Rose's (sweetened) lime juice. But with tastes changing over the years, Rose's was replaced by fresh squeezed lime juice and a dash of simple syrup. For aromatic complexity, try our version with a measure of Makrut Limepop for an easy but impressive update. Add 5-6 mint leaves when you shake for an ivy gimlet, or try cucumber and mint in the shake for an Eastside riff. You can also try this recipe with white rum for a spin on the classic Daquiri.


1.5 oz gin or white rum 
.75 oz
 Makrut Limepop
.75 oz lime juice
.5 oz simple syrup


    Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with 5-6 ice cubes and shake hard for 10 seconds.
    Strain into a chilled coupe glass.

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