Kumquat G+T

Kumquat G+T

A Gin & Tonic needs no introduction - this classic, cool highball is endlessly refreshing. It was invented as a remedy for malaria by officers of the British Army based in India. Quinine (the base of tonic water) was the cure for the disease, but to make it more palatable, gin, sugar and lime were added. We sub Kumquat-pop for lime to bring you an autumnal twist on the classic. We recommend this with a more floral gin (St. George Botanivore or Amass), to compliment the floral qualities of Kumquat-pop.


2 oz Kumquat-pop
1 oz gin
2 oz Q Mixers Tonic Water

Optional 2 drops of vanilla extract


    Build in glass. Top with tonic. Give it a stir, and garnish with fresh mint and lime.

    Categories: Classics, Kumquat-pop

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