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Inspired by fall in Northern California, Kumquat-POP is tangy, crisp, and juicy...perfect for that time of year when summer begins to fade, when the days start to feel a bit shorter and the nights a bit longer.

Brimming with all things autumn, you’ll taste the honeyed warmth of Hachiya persimmons, the cinnamon-like character of toasted fig leaves, and the brightness of green cardamom. The kumquat fruit itself is both sweet (the rind) and tart (the flesh) - and you’ll taste both, in perfect balance, in Kumquat-pop.

750 mL, 17% ABV (alcohol by volume)
Full ingredients list here. Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.

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Kumquat-POP is made from a base of Chardonnay wine and is layered with the following organic ingredients:

KUMQUATS // Bright, floral, mouth-puckering. Sour flesh is balanced by a sweet peel.

PERSIMMONS // Extracted into the Chardonnay grape spirit, these impart a honeyed warmth

TOASTED FIG LEAVES // Warm and cinnamon-like

GREEN WALNUTS // Bright-spiced citrus character

GREEN CARDAMOM // Bright, warming, and with a little kick.

GENTIAN // Used sparingly, this bitter herb is used for added brightness and pep.

KUMQUATS For such a tiny fruit, the kumquat is truly bursting with flavor - both sour and sweet, kumquats are mouth-puckering and delightful all at once. We sourced 800 pounds of organic, unwaxed California kumquats from Buck Brand Citrus and Frog Hollow Farm.
CHARDONNAY Similar to our citrus, we source our Chardonnay grapes from small family-run farms - these grapes are grown along the Pacific Coast in Mendocino, California. The grapes have long hang times and are high in acidity, which gives them a citrus-like character - the perfect foundation for Kumquat-pop.