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The Mommenpop Sample Pack contains three bottles of our peak-season California citrus aperitifs: one bottle each of Seville Orange, Ruby GrapefruitBlood Orange. Each flavor is excellent in a simple spritz - just add ice and top with a splash of your favorite sparkling beverage (tonic water, sparkling wine, ginger beer, you name it). Packaged in a beautiful, custom-printed box, it's the perfect thing to have on-hand for a host(ess) gift.

Three 375 mL bottles, 17% ABV (alcohol by volume)
Full ingredients list here. Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.

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Aperitifs Included

Mommenpop SEVILLE ORANGE is California sunshine in a bottle - warm and bright. Like liquid orange marmalade, it is pleasantly sweet and delightfully tangy. Seville Oranges have a brief growing season and are only available in California for a few short weeks - which makes this product even more special! Sevilles are prized for their peels, which are rich in aromatic oils, making them the ideal varietal for marmalade. We use the whole citrus, peels and all, to capture these amazing aromas and the sour juiciness of the flesh. Vibrant on its own, in a spritz, or in a variety of classic cocktails. “A pop of sun-soaked California citrus,” says Wine Enthusiast.

SMELLS LIKE // apricot, orange blossom, Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean

TASTES LIKE // liquid orange marmalade, fresh orange zest, honey

Mommenpop RUBY GRAPEFRUIT is light, barely-bitter, and prickling with notes of fresh grapefruit rind and cherry blossom. You drink it feeling like the day is just endless.  Refreshing on its own and doubly refreshing in a spritz, we love Ruby Grapefruit poolside, at the beach, or on a picnic blanket in the park. An approachable, easy-drinking aperitif.

SMELLS LIKE // rose petal, grapefruit rind, smoked cedar

TASTES LIKE // cherry blossom, strawberry, fresh-squeezed ruby grapefruit

Mommenpop BLOOD ORANGE is refreshing, rich and vibrant. It is citrus-forward and juicy, as though biting straight into a perfectly ripe blood orange. This flavor is peppery and floral, with a subtle warmth. What you might want to drink while you have fresh tomato sauce simmering on the stove and Miles Davis on vinyl. Delicious pre-dinner while snacking on olives, during dinner with your favorite pasta dish, and after dinner with some salt-studded dark chocolate.

SMELLS LIKE // hibiscus, pink peppercorn, baking spices

TASTES LIKE // liquid blood orange peel, wild cherries, red berry compote

“A sunny, juicy bev begging to be spritzed…”


“Move over Aperol Spritz. California aperitifs are the chic Millennial’s new drink of choice.”

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"A pop of sun-soaked California citrus"