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Mommenpop SEVILLE ORANGE is California sunshine in a bottle - warm and bright. Like liquid orange marmalade, it is pleasantly sweet and delightfully tangy. Seville Oranges have a brief growing season and are only available in California for a few short weeks - which makes this product even more special! Sevilles are prized for their peels, which are rich in aromatic oils, making them the ideal varietal for marmalade. We use the whole citrus, peels and all, to capture these amazing aromas and the sour juiciness of the flesh. Vibrant on its own, in a spritz, or in a variety of classic cocktails. “A pop of sun-soaked California citrus,” says Wine Enthusiast.

750 mL, 17% ABV (alcohol by volume)
Full ingredients list here. Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.

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Mommenpop SEVILLE ORANGE is made with Chardonnay wine, Seville oranges, and the following botanicals:

ORRIS ROOT // A fragrant and floral root used in many gin products.
VANILLA BEAN // Sweet on its own, and brings out the natural juiciness of the orange.
GRAINS OF PARADISE // Woody with a subtle heat. Reminiscent of ginger and cardamom.

“Mellow citrus peel, marigold, baked-croissant aromas… the essence of a fresh California moment. Perhaps appropriate for breakfast.”

Jancis Robinson
SEVILLE ORANGES The Seville orange is named for the city of Seville in Andalucia, Spain where it has been cultivated since the 12th century. Most commonly known as the marmalade orange, much of the Spanish crop is exported to England for just that purpose. Sour like a lemon yet warm like an orange, Sevilles have an intense oily zest with a floral aroma that fills the room. They are grown on a limited scale in California.
CHARDONNAY Similar to our citrus, we source our Chardonnay from small family-run farms in Napa and Sonoma to make the base wine of our Seville Orange aperitif. The grapes are picked at night to bring them in at optimal acidity and in their most pristine condition. Vibrant and nutty with apricot and citrus characteristics, this Chardonnay is perfect in a supporting role to the warm intensity of Seville.