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Mommenpop Ruby Grapefruit is light, barely-bitter, and prickling with notes of fresh grapefruit rind and cherry blossom. You drink it feeling like the day is just endless. Refreshing on its own and doubly refreshing in a spritz, we love Ruby Grapefruit poolside, at the beach, or on a picnic blanket in the park. An approachable, easy-drinking aperitif. 

750 mL, 17% ABV (alcohol by volume)
Full ingredients list here. Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.

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Mommenpop RUBY GRAPEFRUIT is made with organically-grown Barbera rosé wine, Ruby grapefruits and the following botanicals:

ORRIS ROOT // A fragrant and floral root used in many gin products.
VANILLA BEAN // Pleasantly sweet, it is the perfect balance to natural bitter qualities of the grapefruit.
GREEN CARDAMOM // Warming and lightly spicy, with a hint of sweetness.

"Highly quaffable … Look for a peachy hue and flavors that suggest both grapefruit-peel bitterness and grapefruit-flesh juiciness. It's a joy to drink, including in a Martini."

STAR RUBY GRAPEFRUIT Star Ruby grapefruits originated in Texas in the 1930s when a farmer found a new fruit growing by accidental cross-pollination in his citrus grove. They are intensely pink with a more balanced sweet-tart flavor than other grapefruit varieties, growing large and juicy with a thin orange-yellow rind that blushes pink when the fruit is ripe. We partner with family-run Heath Ranch in the Central Valley to source fresh Star Ruby grapefruits for Mommenpop.
BARBERA ROSÉ We source Barbera rosé grapes from Mendocino, California to make the base wine for Mommenpop Ruby Grapefruit. The grapes have long hang times and are high in acidity, which gives them a citrus-like character - the perfect foundation for our citrus aperitifs. With defining characteristics of strawberry and rose petal, this delicate rosé plays well with the vibrancy of the grapefruit.