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Meyer LEMONPOP is a limited edition, seasonal spring release made with organic Meyer lemons from Sebastopol, California. Exactly the kind of beverage you’ll want to drink on a warm evening in a lush garden. Wildly refreshing and light on its feet, this flavor is subtly sweet and floral, balanced by the verdant and herbaceous addition of fresh tarragon and Meyer lemon leaves. Delicious in a simple spritz with a splash of tonic water or sparkling wine, we also love this flavor in the easy-to-make 50:50 Martini - equal parts Lemonpop and gin. 

750 mL, 20% ABV (alcohol by volume)
Full ingredients list here. Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.

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MEYER LEMONPOP is made from a base of Chardonnay grapes, Meyer lemons, and is layered with the following botanicals:

TARRAGON // A soft herbal flavor with notes of black pepper and anise. The taste of summer.

VANILLA BEAN // Subtly sweet and fragrant, helps to bring out the natural sweetness of the Meyers

MEYER LEMON LEAVES // Delightfully bright and verdant. A fresh as it gets!

"...might as well be liquid sunshine. It will be the new centerpiece of my springtime bar."

MEYER LEMONS Meyer lemons are named for the early 20th century US Department of Agriculture explorer Frank N. Meyer, who identified the plant in China, where it was being used as a decorative houseplant. The fruit is a cross between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange, resulting in deep yellow skin, dark yellow pulp, less acidity, and a sweeter more floral flavor. Meyer lemons are smaller in size and more round than regular lemons.
CHARDONNAY We source Chardonnay grapes from the Pacific Coast in Mendocino to make the base wine of our Meyer Lemonpop aperitif. The grapes have long hang-times and are high in acidity which gives them a citrus-like character, perfect for layering with our aperitifs. Vibrant and nutty with apricot and citrus characteristics, this Chardonnay plays a perfect supporting role to Meyer Lemon.