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Zesty, zippy and insanely refreshing, Makrut LIMEPOP is our limited edition summer release made with organic, California Makrut Limes. Makrut lime (and its leaves!) are traditionally known for their use in Southeast Asian cooking, offering delightfully intense aromatics to the cuisine. Here, we balance the slightly woodsy, remarkably fragrant Makrut with sweet limes, a bit of vanilla bean and a hint of salt. The result? A tangy, bright beverage that you can drink on its own, or use in your next Margarita, Mojito, or Daiquiri…for that added pop of unmistakable citrus zing.

750 mL, 20% ABV (alcohol by volume)
Full ingredients list here. Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.

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Makrut LIMEPOP is made from a base of Chardonnay wine and is layered with the following ingredients:

MAKRUT LIME LEAF // Amazingly aromatic and distinctly citrusy.

SWEET LIMES // Wonderfully sweet and lower in acidity than most citrus

LONG PEPPER // More complex than black pepper, long pepper lends the same heat and musk, but with an added tobacco-like coolness on the finish.

ORRIS ROOT // A fragrant and floral root used in many gin products.

VANILLA BEAN // A perfect counter to the pithiness of the Makrut lime, it adds just the right amount of subtle sweetness.

SEA SALT // We use just a pinch of this to balance the acidity of the citrus and grapes.

"The balance of bitter, herby complexity and tart, juicy citrus strikes the right note, while playfully vivid packaging is sheer fun. 4.5/5"

Distiller Magazine
MAKRUT LIME Makrut limes are incredibly unique, even among the diversity of citrus fruits. Native to Southeast Asia, the fruit and leaves of the tree are commonly used as aromatics in savory Thai cooking. There is no substitute for the flavor of Makruts - they are intensely floral and woodsy. The peel is thick, knobbly, and darker in color than a conventional lime. Makrut lime trees are thorny, making the limes labor-intensive to pick.
CHARDONNAY Similar to our citrus, we source our Chardonnay from small family-run farms in Napa and Sonoma to make the base wine of our Makrut Lime aperitif. The grapes are picked at night to bring them in at optimal acidity and in their most pristine condition. Vibrant and nutty with apricot and citrus characteristics, this Chardonnay is perfect in a supporting role to Makrut.