Harvest Spritz

Harvest Spritz

The perfect spritz for easing into fall. August and September are particularly active months at the winery - it's when grape harvest is in full swing. Our founder, Samantha, was bottling last year’s Pet Nat to make way for the latest harvest of Chardonnay grapes when she got the idea to combine her Pet Nat Chardonnay with Kumquat-pop. Pet Nat (short for the French “pétillant naturel” meaning “natural sparkling”), is the oldest way of making sparkling wine, using a single fermentation method. “The flowery, earthy, spicy character of the wine combines beautifully with Kumquat-pop. Not to mention both Bruto Americano and apple cider vinegar have a bright, crisp, autumnal character,” says Sam. “This is like autumn in a glass.”


2 oz Kumquat-pop
2 oz Pet Nat Chardonnay (or sparkling white wine)
1/4 oz freshly-squeezed orange juice
1/4 oz Bruto Americano
1/4 oz Apple Cider Vinegar


Build in glass, top with Pet Nat and stir. Garnish with any fresh citrus.

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