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Fine like wine, fun like a cocktail.
Just add ice.


“A sunny, juicy bev
begging to be spritzed…”


“Move over Aperol Spritz. California aperitifs are the chic Millennial’s new drink of choice.”

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"A pop of sun-soaked
California citrus."

CITRUS OBSESSED All of our aperitifs are deliciously citrus-forward. We bottle fleeting seasonal varietals that are prized for their remarkable flavors and aromas. We use only organic, perfectly ripe, never-waxed citrus - which gives Mommenpop its signature juiciness.
LOCALLY SOURCED We build relationships with family-run farms here in California to source our citrus. Sourcing local lets us leave the citrus on the trees until it reaches peak ripeness, giving Mommenpop a more zesty, sun-drenched flavor.
WE MAKE THE WINE Many aperitifs are made with a wine base, and we make our own here in Napa. Sam (our winemaker founder) uses Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes to create the highest quality wines, which we then layer with thousands of pounds of fresh, whole citrus.